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    NewZealand Immigration Visa Requirements

NewZealand Immigration Visa Requirements

New Zealand is one of the countries that has a points – based registration like the ‘Expression of Interest’. However, the candidate has to score a minimum of 100 points to be able to successfully forward the EOI to the Immigration authorities. New Zealand has a more relaxed age criteria for applying for Immigration Visa. In most countries, it is cut off at age 50 for eligibility / points to score on online testing system. However, for New Zealand, the cut off age is 56 years.

The candidate must also have a good command over the English language so they can immigrate. Family members who are accompanying the primary visa applicant and the main visa applicant must clear all the checks thoroughly. The three main checks that they have to meet are (i) Health Check (ii) Character Check (iii) English Language Skills Test. Firstly, the candidate has to fill in the New Zealand Online Skills Assessment Test

1. Health Checks: Candidate as well as his family members have to meet the requirements for health check. The main visa applicant must be fit for the role of his /her job in New Zealand. The applicant and accompanying family members must not carry any health issues that will affect the public. Also, with their health issues, they must not put burden on the health care benefits.

2. Character Checks: There are strict requirements on the candidate’s family members who are convicted from the last 10 years. They must not be deported back to their home countries from any other foreign country in the past. They should have a clean record and no bad or crime/ dangerous associations.

3. English Skills Check: Candidate has to score minimum band requirements in IELTS as the New Zealand Immigration Services requires candidate to have minimum standard of English language. There are some cases wherein it is not required to show the score. However, even accompanying family members have to show the basic standard of English language skills.