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NewZealand Visitor Visa

New Zealand is famous for vast green landscape, rearing, and great wildlife including the rare fowl species like Kiwi. The country is made of two islands and the ocean currents define the climate that switches. Some regions are cold where as south island even gets snow at some part of the year. Christchurch, wellington and other regions get average rainfall and dry most of the year. You can visit New Zealand on visitors visa for many reasons like visiting a family member, holidaying, visit with friends, or even study a short – term course. Here are the benefits of New Zealand on visitors visa

Feature & Requirements for New Zealand Visitor Visa

  • Explore the country and take a holiday in the nation of islands
  • Visit friends, family & watch sports and adventure sports.
  • Visa holder can take dependents (spouse and kids less than 19 years of age) under same application.
  • If candidate previously visited New Zealand for a total period of 12 months, he or she must remain outside of New Zealand for at least one year and the only can apply for New Zealand Visit Visa.
  • Visa duration is for a period of nine months within a period of eighteen months (last day of intended stay counted backwards)
  • There are certain conditions to extend the visa stay for another 3 months totaling 12 months.
  • He or she cannot make any money or take on any kind of employment.
  • Candidate must prove sufficient funds during the stay in New Zealand
  • Candidate can be sponsored for onward travel expenses/ cost.
  • He or she must show an intention to leave New Zealand at end of stay.
  • Candidate must successfully clear the health & character requirements.
  • Candidate must keep a ticket to exit out of New Zealand
  • Other mandatory travel documents also must be taken.
  • There are other requirements so contact professional New Zealand Visa and Immigration Experts for latest details.
  • Reasons for Visitor Visa Rejection

    There are times that the visa can get rejected due to reasons like no sufficient funds for onward travel or your situation has changed from the reason to visit the country. Other reasons include if candidate does not give required details like applicant's photo, etc. when asked. Candidate must meet the health & character criteria as well.

    Note: - There could be fraudsters with sale of fake visas or imposters like authorized agents, so candidates must beware of such kinds of fraud. If found with such visa, then the entry into New Zealand might be refused.

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