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    Permanent Residence Visas

Permanent Residence Visas

People from all over the world who belong to different nationalities visit other countries for various reasons. In order to visit a country that you do not belong to, you require a visa that lawfully allows you  entry into that specific country. While there are temporary visas for short visits or short stays in a foreign country, there are also permanent visas by which you can stay long -term or settle down completely in another country. Such type of long term trips or settlements is known as migration.

Every year there are several people who opt to settle down in other countries like Australia, USA, Canada, New Zealand, South Africa, Denmark, UK, and the list goes on. It is required to be issued a Permanent Resident Visa to permanently settle down in another country where you do not belong. There are various categories by which you can apply for Permanent Residency in different countries.

Countries have various Immigration Rules and regulations. Moreover, they get updated from time to time. The immigration departments with the governments of those countries roll out new and improved immigration schemes at times. The top immigration countries have a number of PR Visas for various categories of people. For example, Australia Permanent Resident Visa are under different categories for Skilled Migration, Business Investment, Studies, etc.

In the same way, Canada is another top destination where foreign nationals want to settle down at. The Canada Immigration has 60 different immigration schemes. People may select one that best suits them, or whichever one they qualify for. These countries are given for example purpose as there are different terms used for various visas with specific requirements, funds necessary, age, and several other factors.

Getting Permanent Residency in any of the countries mentioned earlier or other countries too, is not a smooth walk-through. Hence, you are required to check a reputed, professional, licensed, and accredited  Visas & Immigration Consultancy Services for all your overseas requirements. Good Luck!