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    Prince Edward Island

Prince Edward Island

The Provincial Nominee Program for Canada’s province called PEI PNP which is spelled out Prince Edward Island Provincial Nominee Program. Like all other PNPs, this one too will speed up the Immigration Process of an aspiring candidate. A foreign national who would like to apply for Canada Permanent Residence Visa will make it faster if he is nominated successfully or gets a Prince Edward Island Provincial Nomination Certificate.

Prince Edward Island is a small island of Canada. It is a beautiful landscape with lots of farming and coastal sea climate that makes it all the more a sought after Province of Canada to settle down in. Popularly known as a ‘birthplace of Canada’, as the Charlottetown conference which was the turning point in the formation of the country of Canada. This single province is responsible for 20% of the whole country’s exports. 
There are several industries the province is popular for including renewable resources, farming & agriculture, fisheries, Tourism & IT. In order to gain Permanent Residence Visa or Immigration Visa to prince Edward island through Provincial Nominee Program, a candidate may go under three ways: -

1.  PEI PNP Express Entry – Candidate is required to submit the application through the Express Entry pool. There is no guarantee that all applications will be received, reviewed and accepted. Only the candidates who have the necessary skills and requirements that are in demand for the province of Prince Edward Island may get accepted. 

2. Labour Impact Category – Only candidates whose profiles are liked and taken for hiring by an employer of that province or already holds an employment offer of that province or has graduated from that province is eligible for applying under this scheme.  The skills they have must also match the occupational requirements. There are three major sub – categories:
c) International Graduate Stream
3.  Business Impact Category The candidates who are willing to invest in the province in a business and operate the business on real time basis are eligible to apply under this scheme. There are three major sub – categories as mentioned here.
a) Work Permit Stream
b) Partial Ownership Stream
c) Full / 100% Ownership Stream