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    Relocation Services

Relocation Services

Getting down overseas can get stressful as it is a new country you never saw earlier in your life. There are complex procedures and you have to pay your time and energies into settling down once you alight the aircraft. In addition to setting your visa documentation in order there are others services that are up to the likes of you; for the clientèle who want to move abroad at each progressive process our services includes 

a) Visa and Immigration – It could be a short – term study or visit visa or non – immigrant temporary visa. Or it may be to migrate overseas permanently. Be it any kind of services you require, our professionals will assist in services provided.

b) Career Guidance and Counseling – Get linked to various requirements for jobs by different organizations. Match your skills and expertise in your field of work/ study as our networking strategies assists with your recruitment requirements for making the best selection.

c) Location Preview Services – You will move to a new country you never saw earlier in your life. Our preview trip to your dream destination helps you get acquainted with your work, life, and know the options for life. Be informed on banking, healthcare, transportation, living standards, security, recreation, housing etc.

The services mentioned earlier are pertaining to the candidate’s trip prior to traveling overseas. These below services include Pre & Post Landing Services. They are given below in brief. 

(i) Pre - Landing Services: - Assistance in attaining health insurance, a local SIM as well as telephone number. 

(ii)  Post Landing Services: - Airport Pick – Up, assistance in temporary residence & assistance in Permanent Residence.

So, whatever your need get in touch as it would be easy and straightforward for your trip to abroad / overseas anytime but soon.