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    Singapore Dependent Visa

Singapore Dependent Visa

The families or dependent family members for the Singapore Visa holders can join them with the Singapore Dependent pass. The spouse & dependent kids do not have to stay behind. They can soon join  and live in Singapore with the main visa applicant. There is a specific standard for the salary take home for such Singapore employment visa holders. The kids who are below 18 years of age can even enjoy the benefits pertaining to education as well. Moreover, even business people & investors can also live with their families. There is a specific criteria that they can take the families from the Singapore EntrePass II-term. 

Requirements for Singapore Dependent Visa (Employment Pass) 

* The spouse must be the legal or lawful husband/ wife.

* The kids must be less than 21 years of age & unmarried.

* Dependent Visa holder has the permission to find & do work.

* When the visa holder’s baby is born in Singapore, they can stay if one of the two parents meets the pay scale requirement. If not, a special baby pass is issued and the baby must go to home country. 

* Special baby pass is generally issued for a period of six weeks duration.

* The sponsor or the main employer visa holder must earn a minimum of 5,000 Singapore currency. 

There is a different criteria for the family members or dependent visa holders of Singapore Entrepreneur Visa

Requirements for Singapore Dependent Visa (Investor /EntrePass)

The successful investor has to meet the following criteria that is needed to take his legal spouse and dependent kids below 21 years of age to Singapore. 

* The businessman must create a minimum 4 jobs for the local people in the business in Singapore. 

* The amount spend inside the business must be a minimum of 150,000 Singapore currency.

* During 1st term of EntrePass, the dependents are not allowed. So, they can extend and get the family during 2nd term of EntrePass.

Note: - At times it is possible that the Dependent Pass Singapore could be rejected. This could be due to several reasons; the main one is that the salary not enough. The minimum is 5000 Singapore currency, but if the visa holder wants to take more kids, they require to show a higher pay.