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Singapore Eligibility Criteria

Singapore welcomes foreign talent from all over the world to contribute to the diverse sectors of the country. As the island nation is known as a global commercial center. There are many sectors in the country including manufacture, service industry, housekeeping, babysitting, marine, construction, and more. This is a wide range of opportunity in Singapore for foreign people having required skills and work expertise. The Singapore Work Permit Category – Singapore EP is highly valued especially by foreign professionals. It is generally issued for a period of 2 years and can be extended further. There are other benefits and Eligibility Criteria for this Employment Pass.

Benefits Of Singapore Work Permit

Work permit is generally approved for a period of 2 years time. However, the security bond passport validity time and other things also determine the term of employment. It is extended sometimes under some specific conditions.

  • Health Insurance for employee by the employer for the Work Permit.
  • Fresh foreign graduates from reputed educational institutions and semi – skilled foreign talent get opportunity to a employees by established companies and households in Singapore
  • The foreign employees on Work Permit are protected by Singapore advanced employee - employer legislation.

Eligibility Criteria for Singapore Employment Pass

  • Candidate has to earn a minimum salary of S$ 3,600 per month for some categories.
  • For other categories the minimum salary requirement goes up even higher.
  • Candidate must have degree from a reputed educational institution or university.
  • Specialist skills, professional qualifications, and trainings are required for the work visa.
  • Candidate must have work experience in specialized expertize, executive job or managerial position.

There is also several eligibility criteria for Singapore employers hiring foreign talent. One such requirement is to keep the vacant job advertised for citizens of Singapore for a period of 2 weeks. In case of modification to the job advertisement, it may be open to Singapore citizens for another 14 days period.

The visa holder can also take dependent family members like children below 21 years of age and legal spouse. If he earns S$10,000 per month, he is eligible to take even his parents to Singapore. Such Singapore EP work permit holders can work for six months there and are eligible to apply for Singapore Permanent Residence.


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