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    Singapore Immigration Visa Benefits

Singapore Immigration Visa Benefits

This crossroads to the continent of Asia, a global financial hub for several immigrants and city – state attracts many foreign professionals each year. The island nation goes earlier then any of the famous cities in Asia – Japan, Shanghai and Hong Kong. Singapore Permanent Residency is not exactly the same as a Singapore citizenship. However, there are several benefits which you may find interesting. The benefits of migrating to Singapore added to living, working, and contributing or investing in the economy of Singapore. 

The process to Permanent Residence in Singapore takes anywhere from 6 months to one year. The candidates on professional visa holders like Employment Pass, Entre-Pass, S Pass and Personalized Employment Pass have to work in Singapore for at least 6 months time. Note that if the permanent resident has young sons, there are some rights that the govt. reserves over your sons about serving in the military.  

These are the Singapore Immigration Visa Benefits after getting successful Singapore PR Status.

* Candidate is given a blue card status just like an identity card.

* Live and travel anywhere* in in Singapore.

* Work in Singapore. and earn in Singapore. dollars

* Get free entry & exit not necessarily with application of other visas

* Legal spouse & kids below age of 21 are dependents (DP).

* Select public school for kids eligible after Singapore citizens.

* Pr status holder’s dependent parents can apply for a long – term Singapore. visa

* Do nor require to re-apply for employment / work permit if switching jobs. However, changing jobs on a work – related visa requires to cancel and apply for new visa with risk of reject or long delay. 

* Under the CPF scheme, an amount is taken and kept in the fund for benefits of health care, protection to family, owning a home and assets. 

* New flats are kept for citizens of Singapore the PR Status holders are allowed to purchase HDB flats or second hand units.

* Eligible to apply and get priority for getting house loans for buying property. 

* After living in Singapore. successfully for a specified number of years on pr status, candidate is eligible to apply for complete citizenship for rights enjoyed by citizens born there including a Singapore passport.