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    Singapore Immigration Visa Requirements

Singapore Immigration Visa Requirements

Singapore is a country with many different cultures. This  island country is nearby the country of Malaysia. The country is a global financial hub with several visitors every year from all over the world.  It is one of the favorable destinations for tourism with places like Chinatown, Little India, and others. When you visit another foreign country you need to get a visa to enter that country. Even Singapore issues different kinds of visas for various reasons. For getting these visas, you need to prepare yourself with the documents that are required for getting the visa. Some of the requirements are mentioned here. 

There are different visas issued for different reasons. For each there is a different requirement for Singapore Visa. Here are the requirements for Immigration Visa To Singapore.

Permanent Residency in Singapore / Requirements For PR Status in Singapore

The potential visa that is a route to Immigration to Singapore are (i) Entre-Pass expanded as Entrepreneur Pass and (ii) Q1 & P2 Employment Pass. Though the criteria is tough it is not totally impossible to get Singapore Employment Pass / Singapore EP.

1. Age & Nationality – Age and nationality of the aspiring candidate is a very important part. The country welcomes people with professional expertise before reaching retirement age. It must correspond with the age. Example, the individual is expected to have more trainings, etc. The nationality of the individual is also very important. 

2. Academic Education – The candidate is expected to have a graduation degree from a reputed university and/or educational institution. This is not the only criteria. They must also show corresponding professional expertise.

3. Work/ Skills Expertise – There are various sectors in Singapore that requires foreign talent so work expertise impacts your profile while applying for this visa. 

4. Prospective Salary – For Employment Q1 type there is a basic salary that the employee must be hired by a Singapore company. The candidate must know the salary he will get while applying the visa and also have good skills. For Employment P1 & P2 type there is a higher requirement for salary. 

5. Hiring Company Performance – The company that hires also must meet certain criteria. MOM would like companies that shows strong revenue sufficient to sponsor a foreign worker. The job must have been out for filling up by local employees for 2 weeks and must also tell why if any local talent applies, why the job cannot be done.