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    Singapore Immigration Visa

Singapore Immigration Visa


Singapore is a place where there are many cultures in this place of mixing pot of various cultures. The country welcomes the highly skilled professionals from all over the world to contribute to the economy of the country as well as a wide array of developments. Singapore immigration has come up with various immigration schemes for Permanent Residency in Singapore. There are various schemes for the different purposes based on the foreign people’s requirements. Several foreign nationals from various countries in the world are selecting this country as a favorable immigration destination.

 1. Singapore Permanent Residency For Skilled Working Professionals

Also known as “PTS Scheme” this visa category is specifically designed for skilled personnel, technical workers, and professionals to apply for Permanent Residence while they are working in the country.

 2. Singapore Permanent Residency For Business People/ Investors

Also known as “GIP Scheme” this visa category is specifically designed for business people or investors who would like to invest the amount of 2.5 million Singapore currency. This could be for starting a new business or investing into an already running business in the country.

 3. Singapore Permanent Residency For International Artistic Talent

The nation of Singapore welcomes great global talent through this visa category. There is a wide array of  categories including literature, art, photography, film, theater, dance, and many more. The artistes must demonstrate a strong want to be part of Art & Culture sector of Singapore. Artists with relevant skills & international reputation may come under this visa category.

 No matter what your requirement  is, there are various visa categories open for all foreign nationals who would like to go to Singapore for long term. These are the most popular Singapore PR Visa categories. So, if you belong to any of the above, then check out the most potential visa for yourself. Consult with the best Singapore Immigration Visa Consultants for the suitable schemes that suits you best.