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Singapore Work Permit

This crossroads to the continent of Asia, a global financial hub for several immigrants and city – state attracts many foreign professionals each year. The island nation goes earlier then any of the famous cities in Asia – Japan, Shanghai and Hong Kong. There are many sectors in the country including manufacture, service industry, housekeeping, babysitting, marine, construction, and more. This is a wide range of opportunity for foreign people having required skills expertise who would like to seek employment here. Such an aspiring candidate requires a Singapore Work Permit to for work.

There are certain Singapore Work Permit Requirements for the aspiring candidate as well as the Singaporean company. Employees coming from approved and valid sources are eligible after fulfilling specific criteria. The companies hiring such foreign talent also has to agree for many conditions. The process is different and it depends on the country from where the foreign worker comes. Also, the nationality of the foreign individual has a role for the employer whether to pay a security bond or not.

Features of Singapore Work Permit

  • The Work Permit is generally approved for a period of 2 years time. However, the security bond.
  • passport validity time and other things also determine the term of employment. It is extended sometimes under some specific conditions.
  • A security bond paid for the employee which is 5,000 Singapore dollars for some countries that includes India.
  • The candidate cannot directly start the application process for the work permit as it must be done by employer. However, the employee must give a written consent.
  • The Work Permit is issued from the nation of domicile or origin (PR status holder of the country for 2 or more years).
  • Mandatory health insurance for employee by the employer for the work permit.
  • A numbered candidates get issued this as there is a number of candidates that the employer can employ.
  • There are several other specific procedures to get issued Singapore Work Permit . This is only to give you an idea. It is adble to take the assistance of Singapore and Immigration Consultants.


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