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    South Africa Dependent Visa

South Africa Dependent Visa

If you are from another country and you are related to the South African citizen or a permanent resident of South Africa, then you can apply for this visa. There are categories of this family visa as well. The first or immediate family members such as spouse & kids come under one category. If you are related to the citizen of South Africa or the permanent resident of South Africa, then they come under another category of visa. There are certain requirements from both sides – the sponsor and the relatives who will be moving to South Africa Dependent Visa applicants. 

Pre – Requisites & Conditions for the South Africa Family Visa / Dependent Visa

* Application fee, processing fee & service fee if taking assistance of consultant for each dependent.

* Fully filled in application form correctly filled in.

* Passport sized photographs – 2

* Each applicant must successfully clear all health /medical check- ups.

* If required, yellow vaccination proof must be shown.

* Successful police clearance

* Candidates have to submit the biometrics

* If kid over 12, radiological report is required.

* Each dependent family member’s birth certificate.

* The main sponsor must have necessary funds for each dependent living monthly expenses (ZAR 8,500)

* Relationship documentation to show that you are related to the primary visa applicant/ South Africa citizen or Permanent Resident of South Africa.

* Identity proof of the citizen or  permanent resident of South Africa like passport, etc.

* The Family visa or dependent visa South Africa may not get employment or involve in a business activity unless they are issued the grant or Permanent Residency Visa.

The time duration of such visa categories are generally 2 years during which the Temporary Visa holder is allowed to live in South Africa. They may not undertake business activity or job/ employment during this time. Spouse & kids, dependent parents, siblings, grandparents & grandchildren, etc. are related and get temporary residency on the relative’s visa. The visa is somewhat alike the South Africa Tourist / Visitor Visa