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    South Africa Immigration Visa Benefits

South Africa Immigration Visa Benefits


Many immigrants from all over the world prefer South Africa as one of the greatest destinations to migrate to. The attractive features here are the innumerable benefits offered in terms of employment, there is public & private health-care, diverse employment options, opening /starting a business, etc. You can even find some of the best world renowned companies and cities in South Africa.

 Benefits of South Africa Immigration Visa

 a) There is modern infrastructure in South Africa.

b) Great study environment for students there.

c) Multi – cultures and diverse culture & amicable people

d) One of the best places to run or start/ invest in a business

e) South Africa is renowned for stable economy & judiciary

f) South Africa offers diverse fields of employment to select.

g) Best for people who prefer tropical climate most of the year.

h) The country is home to famous cities and hosts several international sporting events.

i) After living 5 years successfully on employment or business, you are eligible for Permanent Residence Visa.

j) Main visa holder can take Dependent Family members on family visa provided he shows sufficient funds to support life expenses like accommodation & food.

The South Africa Immigration Visa also provides a road to Permanent Residency in South Africa. There are two main categories for this permanent visa. One is on Direct Immigration & the other is for Permanent Residence on Other Reasons. People who possess a job offer /employment with the company and would like to settle down after staying successfully for 5 years.

South Africa Business Visa: The others are the people who invest in a business there a minimum of 5 million South Africa currency & employ 60% of citizens/ nationals of South Africa.

Permanent residency is issued on other grounds like natural disaster others etc. The aspiring immigrants must attend a personal interview at the office of the Immigration and also able to settle down as soon as possible after successfully being issued the same. People who are financially sustain themselves and like to live in the foreign country can go by the South Africa Immigration Visa.