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    South Africa Job Seeker Visa

South Africa Job Seeker Visa

South Africa is one of the famous destinations for several foreign immigrants from all over the world. They can get employment or job and earn in higher value currency. This is one of the reasons why so many people apply for visa to get a job there. To be able to work in that country, the candidate has to get a South Africa Work Permit Visa. This is the route to getting settled in the country and later relatives or dependents can also apply for a South Africa Family Visa to live with the main visa holder.

In order to get a job or to achieve employment there, the candidate has to get some time there. In the same way the candidate has to apply for the South Africa Job Seeker Visa for this. In case the candidate does not successfully search or achieve an offer of employment, then he or she may go back to their respective country. However, in order to get this visa there are Basic Requirements and conditions that the candidate has to meet. First, check out the Benefits of the Visa. 

Benefits of SA Job Seeker Visa

(i) Once successfully issued, the temporary visa is given for a time period of 90 days or 3 months.

(ii) Once candidate gets job successfully, and approved for South Africa Quota Work Permit then they can successfully live there for 5 years, they are on the way to South Africa Permanent Residency.

(iii) Upon successful clearance of work permit stay, families can apply for a Family Visa also.

(iv) The South Africa Work Permit is extended until the work time of the candidate’s employment. 

(v) Candidate does not require offer of employment for applying the Job Seeker Visa South Africa.

SA Job Seeker Visa Eligibility Criteria

1) The candidate has to be minimum a graduate from an accredited university.

2) During the stay of 90 days, the candidate must show sufficient funds for living expenses.

3) Candidate must satisfy all required character checks successfully.

4) Candidate must clear all the mandatory medical / health check ups.

5) Candidate must prove minimum 5 years work experience for the profession on the South Africa Critical Skills List of the country.