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UK Dependent

There are various categories for the UK Dependent . So, generally spouse and children who are not majors come under this category. A spouse must be married to the citizen of the United Kingdom and must attain the age of 18 years. The dependent children must be below the age of 18 and only then they are eligible. Such dependent holders (only spouse) is eligible to study or work in the United Kingdom. Also, after a period of 5 years of staying there, they can apply for the ILR status. This is because at first, they are given the time of two and a half years of permitted stay there. Then they may apply for an extension for another two and a half years of time.

To get eligible for ILR status the spouse much also meets some basic criteria including age and finances. They must be able to speak or meet the English language requirements as well as other requirements too. In this case, the spouse must be a major and earn an annual income of at least £18,600 as they would not have access to public funds. The UK Dependent categorylets the candidateto stay in the United Kingdom for as long as the main applicant’s duration is valid.

Types of UK Dependent

There are other types of Dependent that includes UK Student dependent UK Tier 2 Dependent. Under both of thesecategories the dependent can only remain for the period of time that the main applicant’s is approved for. There are Basic Requirements like English language skills and financial sufficient funds too. There are two eligible sponsors which may be the partner or even the partner’s employer too. Also, it depends on the location in the United Kingdom where you are applying to stay-work-study with the main applicant.

With quite a number of successful families reunited in the United Kingdom, now do not lose hope as you can also get there! All you need is to fulfil the basic requirements and eligibility criteria which is not such a difficult task. So, go ahead and check out your eligibility for the UK Dependent .


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