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    UK Immigration Visa Benefits

UK Immigration Visa Benefits

The United Kingdom has amazing attractions that makes it one of the top choices for immigration. There are various types of visas issued on the basis of purpose of entry into GB. However, there are strict and restrictive immigration policies and rules. There is a point – based selection criteria. There are five major tiers for immigration to the United Kingdom. However, each one of them have sub -tiers or sub- categories for the same.

The UK hosts many sporting tournaments and annual sports events in several sports like Tennis, Football, Cricket, Rugby & Golf. There is happy life and overall quality lifestyle of residents in the UK. This includes culture, people, atmosphere, transport, and lifestyle. The UK is regarded as one of the best in the world in areas of education, work, entertainment, health-care, fashion, commerce, etc.

London, the capital of UK is popular for its cosmopolitan multicultural society. People consider this mega city as one of the best immigration places.

LANDSCAPE/ TERRAIN – The major part of United Kingdom is low lying land and hence there are several rocky mountain places that give a picturesque landscape. A little part of South Downs has woods where  rearing takes place. There is rocky terrain in many places such as Yorkshire Dales. It has mostly hard granite forming the base of the rocks with chalk production.

WEATHER/ CLIMATE – Great Britain is world over known for its pleasant weather year round. Since the country is surrounded all around by water, the water decides the climatic conditions. The weather is different every few days. One day can be hot and sunny while the other day may be wet and dewy. Overall, it is an amazing weather because you do not have to get used to a particular season and you can look forward for different weather each day.

PEOPLE/ CULTURE/ TRANSPORT – The national game of UK is Cricket. The same game has several fans across India which makes it an interesting thought. The famous red single and double-decker buses are famous all over the world that have their origin here. However, most people use cars, taxis and vans as means of transport. There are trains and trams too but tubes are the most popular among the working people.

TRADE & ECONOMY – The United Kingdom is known as the fourth largest economy in the whole world. In the continent of Europe, UK is the second largest economy.  Also, UK is one of the countries that are ahead of others in trade. The capital city of London is one of the largest financial cities in the world and houses most people. UK stands third in imports of commercial services and eighth in merchandise in the world. In exports, the country is second in exports of commercial services and eighth in merchandise in the world.

By going through all of the above great features in United Kingdom it overall makes one of the best places to reside in and settle down there. Meet expert UK Visa and Immigration Consultants for details.