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UK Immigration Visa Program

Like several countries all over the world, UK also has people from various cultures, backgrounds, and different reasons who like to settle down there. United Kingdom gives several opportunities to international migrants who would like to immigrate and make a life there. There are Tourist Visas for those who would like to visit for a short term for purposes like holidaying, etc. However, for long term residence you would require an Immigration Visa. The country has a wide range of immigration visas. They are categorized depending on the reason or purpose of immigration to the UK.

There is a point based evaluation system for the aspiring immigrants to the UK. The United Kingdom /UK Immigration Visa is of five Visa types ranging from Tier- 1 to Tier- 5. there are separate visas for different people. This includes business people, investors, students, candidate’s family, candidate’s spouse, post graduate work, skilled workers, etc. The visa is immigration -friendly as there are various categories and sub- categories as per the purpose of immigration to the UK.

Tier – 1 Visa: This visa category is specifically designed for the ‘highly talented and esteemed migrants’ who are not from the European Economic Area ‘EEA’. To name a few it could be investors, entrepreneurs, and those that are exceptionally talented.

Tier – 2 Visa: This visa type is for the workers who are not from the EEA and hold a job offer in the United Kingdom. This even covers the skilled workers who have to work there due to intra company transfer from a multi national company overseas. Others who come under this category could be even sports people as well as religion ministers also.

Tier – 3 Visa: This visa category is for the Temporary Workers. It is for the low -skilled workers to fill up the labor shortage vacancies for a time period. As of now there have not been any visas issued under this specific category. So it is better not to apply under this particular visa scheme.

Tier – 4 Visa: Students who would like to study in the UK or United Kingdom may go or apply for this visa category. This is for students who are more than 16 years of age and are eligible to study in the UK.

Tier – 5 Visa: This visa category is very vast as it contains 6 sub -categories including Temporary Workers, sports people, religious workers, charity works, and other creative side. Every year around 55,000 young men and women work in their holiday times called working holidays. There are certain countries in the world that have some arrangements with the UK on this. So the visas are granted to such youth from those countries.

There are several other visa categories for people who are left out of these categories. Students, investors, entrepreneurs, temporary work, highly skilled and talented workers come under the Five Tier Visas of the United Kingdom. For family, there is Family Visa and likewise, for visitors/ tourists there is Visitor Visa. There are other UK Business Visas that also do not come under the UK Immigration Program so consult UK Immigration Consultants for latest updates.


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