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    UK Immigration Visa Requirements

UK Immigration Visa Requirements

United Kingdom is one of the favorite destinations amongst several nationals from all over the world. As mentioned earlier, there are strict guidelines about entering Great Britain. There are restrictive guidelines on entering the United Kingdom. Hence, to be a citizen of the UK, the aspiring immigrant requires a lot of patience. Those who are not born in that country and who are not of that descent have to naturalize called the naturalization process and apply for citizenship. Those who would like to migrate to the united kingdom need to be /reside the country for a time period. Then only he/ she is eligible.

The united kingdom gives out several temporary visas by which depending on the purpose of the stay, you can stay there for a while.  While there are UK Immigration Visas from tier 1 to tier 5, each has an individual requirement for applying/ issuing of UK Immigrant Visa. However, there are some Basic Requirements for most of the visa categories to visit/ reside in the United Kingdom.

Basic Documentation Requirement for UK Visas:

It varies from one visa category to another. Based on the visa that you select, there may be several other documents required for it. However, these are most common examples.

1)    An appointment letter that confirms the appointment
2)    Receipt that shows fees are paid
3)    Passport size photograph
4)    Online application form must be correctly filled out, signed and printed out.
5)    Proof for leave of sponsors for the applicant to stay in the UK if they are applying as dependents.
6)    All income proofs – tax returns, pay- slips, employer letter, etc.
7)    Immovable property such as land or house proof document.
8)    Residence proof of the applicant that is valid address proof
9)    Proof of identity and age that shows the date of birth.
10)    If applicant is applying for settlement visa, then a self assessment form completely filled out and signed with the date provided is required.
11)    If required, applicant must be able to show the proof of marriage/ divorce if the family is residing in their native land.
12)    The primary visa applicant’s educational documents, certificates, etc.
13)    Documents related to income, bank a/c, tax submissions, etc.
14)    Provide photographs and biometrics as UKVI requires it.

UK Visa Eligibility Criteria

As mentioned earlier, there is different eligibility for each visa category and there is different requirement too. However, other criteria depends on the category of visa.
Evidence that shows that the visa applicant’s entry into the UK will not be negative in any way.
Passport with validity period of  months
The visa applicant must not be involved in any crime in any way.
Evidence of sufficient finances/ funds to see them through their stay and their family’s stay if they are also going.
A furnished Work Permit in the case of work visa.
Medical clearance tests.
There are some visa categories where the visa applicant must attend an interview