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    UK Student Visa

UK Student Visa

Student from around the world work hard to get a credible academic memo to go for higher studies overseas. United kingdom is one of the tp countries where students like to study. They believe that an overseas certificate will give wider opportuity for career growth and gretaer openings in latest fields. So, many students work very hard to get here. There is some eligibility criteria for such candidates.

I. -  UK Tier 4 Student Visa - General

Eligibility for UK Tier 4 Student Visa (General Category)

1. The age requirement is 16 years to be eligible under this visa category.
2. Student must have sufficent ability to study in Englsih.
3. Select a suitable place to study at
4. Candidate must not belong to any of the EEA countries or Switzerland
5. Financial funds for tuition fee & living expenses
6. Recognized Tier 4 Visa Sponsor unconditional agreement for place for study course.

Features of UK Tier 4 Student Visa (General Category)

Limited employment is permited during this time
Once this visa time / study couse is done, student could apply Tier 2 Visa
Student visa allows dependents to live with them. Check out UK Dependent Visa

The duration of the UK Student Visa generally depends on the study course. It is also extendable if it is long – term or over four years course.

There are various other categories for UK Student Visa. This is general inforamtion about these visas.

II. - Short Term Study Visa – This category is specifically for students approved for a place for a short course such as English language course & or a training course.

III. - UK Tier 4 Student Visa (Child Category)

Student children aged from four (4) to seventeen (17) years and are approved for place to study in the United Kingdom by this visa. They have to be eligible and apply for it