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UK Tire 1

There are a few types of UK Tier 1 . This is for the highly talented people who are sponsored by a specific organization. It is also for investors or entrepreneurs who are willing to invest a certain amount. There is another category that it comes under – the graduates with a specific plan for business and there are some basic criteria for it. There are some individuals who have great talent that is accredited by various countries in the world. So, these are some of the examples which comes under the Tier – 1 category.

Types of Tier – 1

1. This has a cap on the places and is for the graduates who have graduated from the universities of the United Kingdom. However, these entrepreneur graduate individuals must be recommended by the university in UK or the UK Govt. Trade & Investment Department.

2. Entrepreneur : This category is for the investors and business people who would like to start a Business in the United Kingdom . They may also invests or take over a business and invest the aoutn of £50,000.

3. Investor : To qualify for this the investor or business person has to invest an amount of £2,000,000 in a company in the United Kingdom.

4. Exceptional Talent: There are certain fields of study and research like Science, Medicine, Engineering, Humanitarian, Arts, Digital Technologies, etc. Each year there is a cap of 1,000 places for that.

The Dependent Family Members may apply for another type of if they would like to accompany the Tier 1holders. However, there is a specific requirement in addition to the main applicant to show sufficient funds for their stay and expenses. While the spouse has to be at least 18 years, the dependent kids must be below 18 years. There are various categories of family s to the United Kingdom.


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