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    USA B1 Visa

USA B1 Visa

This is a non – Immigrant Visa that is given to candidates to visit the USA on business just for a short period of time. So this could be to attend a business conference, or activities related to business that is listed / not listed on the “Permitted & Prohibited Activities Of Business” list. There are many countries around the world that have an agreement such as a ‘Visa Waiver Program’ with the US. So, the foreign nationals from these specific countries do not require this visa. This is usually for a period of 3 months time or 90 days. 

B1 Visa Processing Time & Duration

For this visa, the candidates have to apply as soon as possible as they have to apply within 60 days time prior to departure. In some cases, the visa takes less time whereas in some cases it may even take up to 90 days of time. This could be due to the consulates or even processing issues. Hence, the candidate must not think that it will surely be approved or it will be a specific period of time. Also, the duration depends on the purpose of the visit to the country. This is generally done at the entry port as it would be given on your visa. This is about how long the candidate can actually stay there before leaving to go back to his country. So if your ‘visa stamp’ shows ‘x’ then the ‘authorized duration’ could differ. 

Business Executive Program: In India, there are several large companies that send their candidates under a this specific program, generally done by established companies. 

At times, candidates who apply for this visa may also go for the jointly B1 / B2 Visa. Both are visitor visas. However, they differ on a few things like reason for visit, time duration, etc. On a B2 Visa, the dependents do not go. They have to apply for a Tourist Visa/ B2 visa category. Moreover, the dependents have to file separate visa forms if they are going with the Business Executive to visit the country. There are interview appointments that the candidates have to give at the consulates office for the visa. So, there is also another category known as ‘expedited’ where the process is made very fast. So even the interview call to the candidate may be very soon. There are various factors related to this visa.