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    USA B2 Visitor Visa

USA B2 Visitor Visa

This category of visa is specifically for tourists, holiday outings, and other reasons. Some even go on this visa for medical treatment too. It can also be used for a short visit to catch up with friends and family. This category of visa is a temporary one or a Non- Immigrant Visa (NIV). In order to get a USA B2 Visitor Visa first apply for it. 

There are many activities that you are not allowed to do while you are on a B2 Visitor Visa. Crew members,  journalists, religious activities, temporary work, etc have to apply under a different visa category. On this visa, the visitor may attend a culture event for a couple of days but you cannot participate in the paid activities there. So there are specific DO’S &DON’TS list of activities which you must go through while/ before applying for the Visa. Do check for the latest updates with USA Visa Consultants. 

How long is the B2 Visitor Visa Valid?

The validity of NIV / Non- Immigrant Visas such as B1/ B2 range from 3 months to 10 years for some visas. It depends on the purpose of your temporary visit to the USA. Even if duration is for 10 years it means the visitor may not stay for 10 years period. There is a difference in authorized dates of stay and the length of visa stamp. However, once in the USA, the visiting foreign national may apply for a 6 months’ extension that has to first be approved by USCIS.

There are various factors that affect your application/ approval of  B2 Visitor Visa. For example, it helps a lot if you have visited a foreign country earlier in your life. In case you are elderly (above 60 years of age) then it is another plus point for you. In case the applicant owns a house in his/ her home country it is better. Several other factors may reduce your chances of  USA B2 Visitor Visa approval although each visa application is independently checked. In case you are between 15 – 30 years of age or if you are unmarried/ widowed or a widower are some factors. It may also be that you do not file IT Returns, or if you are past due on your alimony. There are other reasons like if you are involved in any sort of crime or court case too. Losing your passport or frequent visits to other countries, or having a communicable disease/ others filing immigration for you could be the other reasons. 

Take the services of USA Visa Consultants as it is not so easy to file for a B2 Visitor visa though the stay is short and it is a temporary visa.