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    USA Depedent Visa

USA Depedent Visa

Family members of the primary visa applicants for various USA Visa categories have a different visa category to travel / enter into the country. This is known as ‘Dependent Visa’. There are several of them that allow the families to go along with the primary applicant while he  / she enters their name too. But, there are some visa categories that do not allow teh family members at all. Whereas certain visas also have a different name / sub - visa type where they can go to the foreign country. So, all of them are categorized into different family visa types called dependent visas. 

 There are specific guidelines on which family members are categorized as ‘Dependent Family Members’. In general, the spouse, kids who are below 18 years of age / unmarried / without partners, no job, elderly parents, handicap siblings etc. are considered as dependent family members. Each country has very straightforward classifications on various family members and dependent family members. Here is a list on the USA Dependent Visa types in alphabetical order -

 a) CW2

b) E3D

c) F2

d) H4

e) J2 

f) K2

g) K4

h) L2

i) M2

j) N9

k) O3

l) P4

m) R2

n) F7

o) TD – 

i. T2, 

ii. T3, 

iii. T4, 

iv. T5

 p) U2

q) U3

r) U4

s) U5

 t) V1

u) V2

v) V3

This is a comprehensive list of the various family members visa holders categories. So, some of them have a Work Permit, others have to apply for it. There are some visas where the spouse and kids can also go along wtih the primary visa applicant. However, there are also some visa types where the family members have to wait a while and get approved before they depart to the country. Each visa type has its own specific rules and specifictations depending on the visa category. Among these names of visas listed above, there are some that go – 1, 2, 3 etc. This is because each family member, for example, for spouse, it is 1, kids, 2, parents 3, etc. (This is just for an example).