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    USA Green Card Filing

USA Green Card Filing

If you would like to permanently go to the USA filing for a Green Card is an option. This is if you would like to reside permanently in the USA or for permanent residency. To be able to better understand it, the Green Card is equal to a Permanent Residence Card. People think that the card is green because of its name. Presently, the color of the card is not green as it previously used to be green in color.

There is a certain process for Filing for a Green Card. There are different ways by which you can file for a Green Card.

 Various Ways to File a Green Card

l  Employer Sponsored Green Card: An employer can sponsor an employee through a lottery system for specific countries and occupations with a shortage. 

l  Family Sponsored Green Card: Your family members residing in the USA may sponsor you to live there provided they are eligible/ meet some requirements.  

l  Diversity Lottery Program: This is a lottery every year for people from different countries who belong to ‘low immigration to the US’ to go to the US. Some countries’ nationals cannot go under this program. 

l  Investment/ Entrepreneur Green Card: There is also an Investment -Based Immigrant Green Card for entrepreneurs that will start a business/ run a business there.

 è There are several benefits of holding a USA Green Card. Take a look at them below

u The Green Card allows the holder to leave the US and enter the country again if required. The holder must keep it with himself to show at time of re-entry. He/she requires re-entry permit at times or if in the first year of issue.

u The Green Card Status has lifetime validity period. The plastic card is valid for 10 years after which you can renew it.

u The Green Card allows the holder to work as per employment norms. However there are certain companies that employ only citizens.

u The Green Card also permits the holder to start/ run his or her business/ corporation.

u As a Green Card holder you may want to sponsor your eligible family members to reside in the USA. This includes spouse and dependent unmarried kids below the age of 21 years.

u The Green Card holder gets almost all rights. He/she is not allowed to vote where it is required to be a US Citizen.

u The Green Card holder may later want to apply for dual citizenship provided his/ her home country/ nationality allows dual citizenship.

u You may choose to reside anywhere within the 50 states of the USA. for an indefinite time on a Green Card.

u A Green Card holder may purchase property and automobile like cares/ bikes, etc.

There are other benefits for Green Card too. However, along with the Benefits Of The Green Card holder  also has to fulfill some obligations in order to retain the Green Card once he/she moves to the USA. There are also some restrictions to the holder. Make sure about all of these things before planning or moving to the USA.