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    USA H1 - B Transfer

USA H1 - B Transfer

To work in the USA, such an aspiring candidate has to get a Work Permit. When he or she is sponsored or nominated by an employer to work there the employer files for the eligible employee. Moreover, there are strict requirements from the employer too. So, when the candidate goes to work there and while working after a while, a different employer wants to hire the foreign national, then it is called as H1 – Transfer. It is a new application that the new employer has to file for the same candidate. Here, the employee is ‘transfered’ as in the name of it H1 – B Transfer Visa Category

 There are Several Requirements including the candidate’s photocopies like all educational documents, payslips from the last 3 months, W2, tax returns, the most recent visa stamp and H1 – B Approval notice for candidate to re- submit. In addition to this, there are several other important forms that may not be available online but ordered through mail. The candidate can also do it from outside the country if he is at his home town or is not using the current H1 – B Transfer. Once all these formalities are completed, the candidate has to await the receipt of approval notice. Once done, he or she is ready to work under the new employer in the USA.

 Sometimes, the employee may not have the payslips if he or she has not been working for a while under previous employer or his visa stamp may also be expired. But, it is still possible to apply and can apply even if the employee was on ‘bench period’ where he or she gets paid very less or no amount; and also if visa stamp goes out of date. In case if all the above is available in good standing, then it is just great! 

 So, H1 – B Transfer Visa is one of the ways and process required for candidate to get to a new employer in the USA. It is the way for a new employer in the USA to get a qualified candidate who is already approved for the H1 – B visa. We hope that this is all made easy and clear to you, so please let us know.