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    USA H1-B Visa Benefits

USA H1-B Visa Benefits

The USA H1-B Visa is a non- immigrant temporary professional visa that has some requirements to fulfill. While several of the immigration countries require many conditions to fulfill by the visa applicant the basic requirements to get H1- B is graduation as a qualification criteria. Moreover, the applicant has to be from one of the ‘specialty occupations’ to be eligible under this specific non- immigrant visa category. A foreign national belonging to any country in the world can apply if he fulfills the above conditions. There are some other conditions too so that such a visa aspirant can qualify  for the H1-B Visa. However, take a look at the most popular benefits of getting issued a USA H1-B Visa.


Benefits of USA H1-B Visa 

Many H1-B applications for an individual: In many cases, a person can apply for any number of H1-B Visas in his lifetime as there is no maximum limit on this (depends from case to case basis).

Eligibility for Green Card Visa: A  H1-B Visa holder can simultaneously or alongside his stay can apply for lawful Permanent Residence Visa in the USA. 

Employer to bear return travel expense: In case the employee’s contract gets terminated prior to the stay period, the employer has to first agree to pay the foreign national expenses to reach back to his home country. 

Applicant does not require foreign residence: At the time of applying for the visa the applicant is not required to show maintained of a home. He/ she is not required to show intent of return to home country. 

Spouse/ Kids can also travel: The dependents of the H1-B holder is eligible to stay along with him overseas and even attend school. 

Travel within and outside USA: The H1-B Visa holder is free to travel in and out of the country as long as he /she holds the valid visa. 

H-1B Renewal: The time duration for H1-B Visa holder is generally three years. However, with a renewal the person /holder is eligible to stay for another three years which total up to 6 years stay in the USA. This can be done two ways – by one year at a time or by three years at a time. 

H-1B Transfer: Under some conditions, a new employer of an existing H1-B visa holder can file one for the non -immigrant foreign national. There are some conditions like the portability of H1-B has to be done before the validity time of the existing one. 

There are updates regarding the immigrant as well as non -immigrant or temporary visas including the Work Visa from time to time. The H1-B Visa is filed for the employee by an employer and is not done by the individual. It is advisable to contact a professional Visa Consultant in order to be updated with the latest visa changes/ rights for h1- b holders, charges & expenses in case of lay- offs, or related to the stay overseas etc.