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    USA H1 - B Visa

USA H1 - B Visa

 With the latest administration in the United States, there are several immigration changes foreseen. While rules are known to are being made tough to make it challenging for foreign immigrant entrants, it still is not completely impossible if you had a dream to Immigrate to US on H1 B Visa.  In this type of visa, the candidate’s visa is filed by his or her employer for the candidate. However, there are some conditions that the H1B Visas have to fulfill. Some of them requires the candidate to be a graduate. Moreover, he or she must hold experience in that specific field of study in practical as well as theory in a body of specialized knowledge.

 There is a specific limit on how many H1B Visas are issued to various foreign immigrants from all over the world. The Immigration & Citizenship dept. Of the US has set these limits and several foreign nationals from all over the world apply this visa type to go to US. Now, the limitations to the number of visas that can be issued on an annual basis is updated. So it is good to confirm this with your specialist visa consultant. However, there is another set limit for those candidate who have done their professional degree from a university within the United States.


H1B Benefits, Validation & Re – Validation

 On this visa, the candidate or visa holder can travel out of the country for maternity/ paternity or sick leave, etc. The initial validity time for the H1B visa is generally for a period of 3 years. However, the candidate has to apply for a re – validation so with the extension of three years, it is total 6 years time. There is a complete new documentation sets required for re – stamping or re – validation process. This can be done at the Consulate office in the country of the candidate. The interview is also required to be given at the Consulate office. 

 During the stay in the US, if the candidate likes to apply for Permanent Residence Visa he or she can do so after fulfilling some conditions. Get in touch with your Visa Consultants and check out your options.