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    USA Investor Visa

USA Investor Visa

The people who woud like to invest in a business overseas in the US and finally settle down there may go for an USA Investor Visa. There are specifications regarding the amount of investment that the foreign investor makes. However, the basic criteria is that if the business provides employment (full time) to others within in country and it benefits the economy of the country. By this way the investor visa holder as well as his family members (wife & kids) can also attain a USA Green Card Status. So this is another way to get the green card status provided the investor has the specific amount of finances or will do over a specific period of time.

 EB – 5 Green Card Visa Eligibility Requirements

 Aspiring visa applicant should have the ability to start and run a new commercial Business Enterprise 

Otherwise, he may want to buy an exisitng business and make reconstructions or restructuring and make it a new commercial business unit

Or invest the necessary amount for the expansion of a business by forty percent for employment rate and business net worth. 

If there is a business that is losing twenty percent net worth over the last one year or two years and the investor is able to retain all of the exisiting employees. 

Amount to be Invested: - The investor must invest the required amount in the new business enterprise or in the process of investing the required investment amount.

One million USD


Five Hundred Thousand USD within an ‘employment targeted area’. 

There is another requirement for scuh an investor is to generate full time employment for a minimum of 10 authorized & qualified employees in the business. The investor cannot employ the non – immigrant foreign workers or his immediate family members. 

In the option mentioned earlier, the investor woud have to retain all of the exisiting employees of pre- investment time for a minimum period of 2 years. 

There are several other requirements and specifications about how to file and the forms to fill. In addition to the requirements there is other requirements like demonstrating the qualified investment, and reasonable ways for the employment, productivity, capital investment, etc. and Regional center about the organization, etc. It is a complex and comprehensive method. It is to give you a basic idea about it. Please contact specialzied professional US Visa Consultants for guidance.