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    USA L1 Visa

USA L1 Visa

There are several people in various specializations who work in companies. These companies have branch offices or headquarters in the USA. This type of visa that is also called ‘intra-company’ visa allows the office to transfer qualified staff to work in the united states office. This category of visa is  classified into two types. Once started to transfer foreign workers in executive/ manager category in specialized/ advanced knowledge in huge multinational companies is now available for start- ups/ small businesses to widen services in the USA. 

 Types of L1 Visa

 1. L1A - Executives & Managers: This is specifically designed for the executives as well as managers who are in a managerial position/ supervising a department of the company. Under this visa the employee can get transfered to the office /branch in the US. He/ she can also start the company’s branch office there.

The L1A visa category is valid for a period of 7 years generally with an extension. (There are some conditions.) 

 2. L1A - Specialized Knowledge: This category is designed so the professionals of the  company who possess Specialized knowledge about the company’s products /services can get transferred to the US office. They must be required for the expansion/ operations of the business in the USA. With this visa the professionals can pass on their specialized knowledge of the company’s products/ services to new hires. 

The time period for which the L1B visa is issued is for one year for start -up companies. However, for established companies/ existing companies it is issued for three years. In case of extension it is valid for up to five years. 


Benefits of L1 Visa

 There are several benefits to this type of visa holder as well as the employer. They are listed below.

  • During the L1 Visa time duration, the holder may legally live & work (for same company) in the US.
  • During the L1 Visa time duration, the holder may travel in and out of the USA.
  • His/ her dependent kids may also attend school there if moving with the L1 visa holder.
  • Spouse /L2 holder is permitted to work there. 
  • With this L1 Visa the holder may want to apply for Green Card from the L1 status and obtain Permanent Residence too. 
  • The company outside of the USA can establish an office/ branch in the USA


Requirements & Eligibility 

There are specific requirements that the company/ employees must meet to be  eligible

for the L1-visa. 

The employee transfer must be for a managerial or executive position.

He/ she should have worked in the company for one year continuously prior to the transfer in the last three years. 

The employee must be of a managerial or executive position in the company. 


The Non-US and US company must be any of the following

 • Branch - Headquarters

Parent Company – Subsidiary

Sister companies owned by the same mutual parent company

Affiliates owned by people in approximate same % 

Immigration rules get updated from time to time. Please check with professional USA Visa Consultants for latest updates.