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    USA OPT Marketing

USA OPT Marketing

The USA Opt Marketing is a program specially designed so that the students can get practical experience by working with the companies in the USA. So the students who are F1 Status Visa holders are authorized by the USCIS for hands on experience in their specific field of study. This is generally authorized for a period of 12 months time. It is further extendable for 12 more months once the student pursues higher standard in the field of selected study. 

There are various categories as there is part time, full time, pre – completion & post completion. Student does not require any job offer to do the USA Optional Practical Training (OPT). The job that the student takes up must directly linked to his or her major study field. Sometimes, there are opt programs during the school vacations. This can be full time or even part time. The part time is up to 20 hours per week and the student will be attending school which means the studies will be going on. 

Students from other countries can be from any of the following fields of study including mathematics, Engineering, Technologies of various types, life sciences, physical science, & computer sciences too. They can apply for extended study up to 29 months and there is a procedure and eligibility criteria too. There is an ‘E- Verify’ system where there are some businesses enrolled and checks for the international student’s ability to work through the online basis. So the extension is generally for the students working with the businesses on E-Verify. 

There is a fast – track option that is even shorter than MBA program. This fast – track course is of four months duration. It offers marketing, global biz management, project management, business administration, and finance. There are various internship programs and optional practical training programs available. So check with a professional internship co-ordinator regarding the same.