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    USA Religious R1 Visa

USA Religious R1 Visa

USA R1 Visa Category

There are several foreign people from all over the world whose occupation is religious activities. This is a non – immigration visa category and can generally be issued for a period of 5 years. It is up to the candidate if they would like to file for Green Card Status or apply for Permanent Residency. In this visa category, there are strict guidelines about various occupations or religious activities. The ministers of religion must be from an authorized denomination and authorized by that denomination to hold or perform duties related to the religious activity or clergy members.

Under this visa category they can even take spouse and the dependent children. There are guidelines even regarding the dependent children. The kids must be under 21 years of age and they all and the spouse go under the R2 Visa which is the dependents of the R1 Visa category. They can stay with the USA R1 Visa holder for up to the period that his visa is authorized. The dependents cannot work by that visa and they are not permitted to do so. If the Dependent Family members do not wish to stay so long or only want to visit for a short period of time, they need not apply or go by the dependent visa category. They can even visit on a tourist visa. 

Duration of the R1/ R2 Visa/ Validity Period

Initially it is validated for 3 years. The visa holders then can apply for an extension. This equals altogether 5 years of time period for R1/ R2 visa. There is one specific guideline about wanting an extended stay for the period of 2 extra years on the R1/ R2 visa. It is required for the religious Worker Visa holder to remain outside the country for at least a year. Then he is again eligible for an R1 visa. After this time period he can file for a Green Card Status.

The minister on religion has to perform the religious activities throughout the stay in the USA as at entry time. Otherwise, it is a violation and could get canceled or terminated. There are various specifications on the ministers of religion who can apply under this visa. There are also specifications and guidelines on what happens in other situations like a sponsor canceling visa, etc. So get in touch with USA Visa Consultants /services for help.