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There are many foreign students from all over the world who would like a university degree from the United States of America. USA is one of the most popular dream destinations for many students. Foreign students who qualify are eligible to go to the USA to pursue their studies. There is a wide range of study courses available there. However, if a foreign student wants to study in the US, he or she will require a USA Student

The Student is a Non- Immigrant (NIV) that allows the foreign student to study the course, language, or training program there. The s are issued up to the duration of the study course/ program. However they first need to enroll at an accredited educational institution in the USA . The category is determined by the institute and the type of study course. There are three major categories of USA Study / Student . They are given below with an overview about each category of student .

1. Academic Studies - (F1 )

The F1 is one of the most popular s that is issued to a wide range of students for studying in the USA. This also includes English language study at an accredited institute and study research at a qualified educational institute. The basic requirements for this category are – Students must do a full time study & show sufficient funds for their full stay in the USA. Students must finish their course of study within the duration. Students must also want to go back to their home country as it is a Non Immigrant .

2. Vocational Studies/ Non- Academic Studies - (M1 )

The students who would like to pursue a study course at a non- academic institute that is recognized by the USCIS may go for this category. However, they must meet some basic requirements. This includes showing funds for their trip and they must also want to return to their home country/ leave US at the time of completing the study courses at the vocational institute. They must also have a house in their home country. The M1 is generally issued up to the study program duration with an additional 30 days grace period post training.

3. Academic Studies as an Exchange Student – (J1 )

There are some culture exchange programs that are held in the USA , especially for business & medical training purposes. If a student would like to go to the US for such study based Visitor Programs he or she can go for the ‘J’ category . For this category, there are basic requirements like English proficiency & medical insurance. In addition to these requirements they must meet all eligibility requirements and be sponsored by the private sector/ government.

The information on Student given above is to give a basic idea about the Student category. For the application, F1 extension or on- campus part time work queries, F1 OPT, F1 CPT, Student Interview, etc., please contact specialized USA Student Consultants about it.


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