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    USA Visitor Visa | Business Visa

USA Visitor Visa | Business Visa

USA Visitor Visa / Business Visa

This visa category ‘B’ is a non – immigrant visa that is temporary which means it is only for a short period of time. This is for visitors to the USA on specific purposes. Other than work and study, there are several other activities and reasons that people from around the world travel to the United States. It may be for a medical treatment, to attend a business conference, a wedding, or a cultural performance too. 

These are non – immigrant visas and are issued for a period of three months depending on the purpose of visit (some visas are given more time based on the reason and other factors). Although both the visas are short term and temporary the visa is issued on the basis of the purpose of visit to the country. So there are two major categories for this USA ‘B’ Category Visa

1) USA Visitor Visa / USA B2 Visa : This category of visa is a temporary or a Non- Immigrant Visa (NIV). It is for tourists, holiday outings, short visits to catch up with friends and family, or for medical treatment or attend a function or birthday party etc. There are some beneficial determinants in the decisions of granting such a Visitor Visa or USA B2 Visa. In case you visited a foreign country / countries in the past, or owning a property in your home land, etc. are beneficial to the visa applicant. 

2) USA Business Visa  / USA B1 Visa :  This category of visa is a temporary one or a Non- Immigrant Visa (NIV) generally issued for a period of 3 months or 90 days. It is for candidates or foreign visitors attending a meeting, business conference, or any activity related to business. The type of activities that is allowed / not allowed can be checked on the listed on the “Permitted & Prohibited Activities Of Business” list. Some countries have an agreement ‘Visa Waiver Program’ with the USA so their nationals need not apply this visa. The visa does not permit earning any kind of income.