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    Visitor Visas

Visitor Visas

Visitor Visas | Tourist Visas

The Tourism Sector is a flourishing industry at present in many countries all over the world. Families, friends, corporate houses, etc; they all arrange holidays to enjoy themselves in scenic locations all over the world. It is okay when you travel within the same country where you are from. However, if you would like to visit a foreign land, you require an entry permit. So, some countries require the tourists or foreign nationals to apply before leaving their country, whereas other countries approve a ‘Visa On Arrival’.

There are also some countries that allow people from certain nationalities into their country without a Tourist/ Visitor Visa. That is because of some agreements between the governments of the respective countries. It does not apply to all nationalities. Hence, the country you come from is very important when you apply for Tourist Visa. Tourist visas are approved depending on the reason for visit, duration of visit and other factors. Families and friends generally go holidaying, trekking, skiing, etc. to other countries.

Business people who are attending a conference that is held in another country may go there for a day or two. Those who go for a short Yoga class may go on a Tourist Visa for 2 – 3 weeks. A few people also go for medical treatment or natural therapy like Ayurveda which may last up to 2 months. These are all only few of the several examples of reasons of Visiting other countries. This is to explain why it differs in time duration and reason of visiting the foreign country.

Activities Prohibited on Tourist Visa:

There is no specific list of prohibited activities that we can list out here as each country has its own Tourist Visa Guidelines. Journalists, ship crew, performers, etc. may enter on different visa. Activities related with earning income on a tourist visa is not allowed in most foreign countries