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    Work Permit Visas

Work Permit Visas

Employment Overseas? Get a Work Permit Visas

In order to work abroad there is a specific requirement known as Work Permit. This means, if you are visiting any country overseas, depending on the country, you would require a Visitors Visa or Tourist visa. Once again, there are various types of visas issued to foreign nationals on the basis of their purpose of visit. Students may be granted a Study Visa/ Student Visa, families unite overseas on family visa types, investors go on business visa, etc. Likewise, there are strict rules foreign countries follow about earning money in their country.

There is no issue as long as you visit or holiday on a Tourist Visa or study on a study visa. However, you are not allowed to take away money from that specific country or get employment or paid work without a Work Permit. The Immigration Rules for several countries are very strict about it. There are only certain categories of student visas that allow limited work hours for students that need to work while study. Sometimes this could also be part of a study project like in the field of marketing, an internship program, or other exceptions that come under different visa category.

When people want to get employed in a foreign country they require a work permit to legally work and get employed there. Work permit differs in tenure, country, type of work like full- time, etc. Based on these factors and related work experience, specialized skills, workers of different fields apply for Work Permit Visa. Some workers go to other countries on a temporary basis. So, they would require a Temporary Work Visa. Others migrate on a long- term basis like four or more years. So, they apply for a long term work permit. They apply for permanent residency as and when eligible. There are Permanent Resident Visas that allow migrant to work on a permanent basis.

Basic requirements for Work Permits in general for various countries varies from one visa class to another. This is to give a basic idea as every country’s visa programs have different requirements.